Conservation of Plum Island added to the Homeland Security bill

For nearly 60 years plum island, which sits just off of the north fork of Long Island, has been home to the United States top research facility. Currently the federal government is looking to sell the island and relocate the facility to Kansas by 2023.

The plan to sell the Plum Island research facility and the island it sits on May soon be stopped.

US Representatives from both Connecticut and Long Island have added new language to a homeland security funding bill that would help conserve Plum Island.

Long Island Rep. Lee Zelenograd has said that the island is an ecological and historical treasure and that the public should be allowed to access it.

If the measure does not pass then the island will be sold to the highest bidder, which includes the old research facility, the current facility, a few army buildings that are from the island was used as a coastal defense fort and the batteries that sits on the eastern region of the island that remain from Fort Terry.

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